Smarter Alloys is at the forefront of the smart materials revolution. An innovator in shape memory materials, Smarter Alloys is enabling a transformation in design and utility of products and devices used by everyone, everywhere. Smarter Alloys’ Multiple Memory Material™ technology unlocks the full potential of shape memory alloys to be materials that truly function like machines. With applications ranging from wearable technology to medical devices, Multiple Memory Material is a platform technology that expands the application space of shape memory materials across a wide range of industries. Smarter Alloys is a privately controlled corporation funded by lead investors ArcTern Ventures.

Making smart materials smarter.

The future of shape memory materials is here, and the future is smart. Smarter Alloys’ innovation has enabled several breakthroughs in the world of smart materials, including:

  • Shape memory effect actuation at multiple temperatures in the same device
  • Multiple psuedoelastic stress plateaus in the same device
  • High spatial resolution shape memory effect and pseudoelasticity programming
  • Hybrid shape memory effect and psuedoelastic devices
Our technology enables devices that are smarter, lighter, more reliable and capable of previously unimaginable functions.