Engineering Technician

Location: Waterloo, Ontario

The Opportunity

The Engineering Technician will be responsible for conducting equipment maintenance and calibration while assisting production, design and development activities of increasing scope and complexity. They are expected to effectively plan and communicate activities within a scope of the work. Duties will also include preparing documentation in accordance with the Smarter Alloys Quality Management System or other established best practice templates, and additionally contribute to the development of operations procedures and new best practices. The successful candidate will be provided with continued training in ongoing operations activities.

Key Responsibilities

  • Support engineering activities including, but not limited to, production, quality, and research and development
  • Maintain and calibrate tools and equipment, adhering to best practices and clearly defined procedures
  • Contributes to maintaining and continual improvement of the Smarter Alloys Quality Management System
  • Make decisions within the scope of objectives of the assigned work. Decisions will typically supported by precedence or clearly defined procedures
  • Comply with the Health & Safety policies of the company
  • Other duties as required

Position Requirements

  • College Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (or equivalent)
  • Related work experience
  • Demonstrated competence as Engineering Technician or equivalent
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills (both written and oral)
  • Organization and time management skills
  • Experience in CAD, machining and fabrication
  • Experience in programming and automation
  • Full understanding of G-code and CNC operations.
  • Basic understanding of electronics and PCB assembly and fabrication
  • Familiarity of automation machinery

Additional Assets

  • Experience with computer control
  • Experience with MATLAB software, data acquisition (DAQ)
  • Solid materials background
  • Experience with Finite Element Analysis

About Smarter Alloys

Smarter Alloys Inc. provides solutions to implement smart materials in industrial applications. More specifically, SA is actively seeking commercialization opportunities for its Multiple-Memory Material (MMM) technology, which enables greater functionality of traditional smart materials. This ground-breaking processing method can be applied to virtually any shape memory alloy (SMA) to locally modifying their properties. SMAs are widely used in medical, aerospace, automotive, micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), and microelectronics industries. With the MMM advantage, exciting new application are being discovered that will impact the design and fabrication of countless devices.


To Apply

Interested candidates are invited to apply directly to We will give full consideration to all candidates, but only those suitable for this opportunity will be contacted.