Smarter Alloys Announces Commercial Launch of SmartArch Orthodontic Archwire

Revolutionary archwire technology reduces orthodontic treatment time
Waterloo, Ontario (PRWEB) April 26, 2016

Smarter Alloys™ today announced the commercial launch of their new SmartArch™ orthodontic archwire. Effective immediately, SmartArch is available for purchase in the United …

Smarter Alloys is hiring

Want to work in the vanguard of smart materials innovation? Smarter Alloys is hiring for our location in Waterloo, ON. Check out the Careers page for available opportunities.

New case studies for SmartArch orthodontic archwire paves way to product launch later this year

Revolutionary smart material will slash orthodontic treatment time

Smarter Alloys today announced a final round of case studies prior to launching SmartArch — a revolutionary new archwire that allows orthodontists to simultaneously apply different forces …

Medical Devices
Programmable shape memory effect and multiple pseudoelasticity
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  • Steerable guide wires
  • Stents with variable stiffness
  • Cardiac devices
Dental and Orthodontics
Biomechanically optimized archwires and dental appliances
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  • SmartArch orthodontic archwires
  • Thermomechanically activated orthodontic appliances
  • Variable stiffness dental tools
Passively and activley controlled thermomechanical actuators
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  • Temperature control
  • Closure latches
  • Vehicle lightweighting
Lightweight actively controlled actuation
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  • Control surface actuation
  • Rotary indexing actuators
  • Lightweight in-cabin components and systems
Micro-electrical mechanical systems
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  • Energy harvesting devices
  • Micro-camera autofocus
  • Image stabilization
Consumer Goods
Smart devices for everyday life
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  • Sporting goods
  • Thermally activated apparel
  • Fire control systems

Adds a new dimension to SMA devices, enabling smarter functions and new applications.
Material that functions like a machine. Replace several motors, gears, springs and connectors with a single wire.
Replace several moving parts, reducing the failure points and simplifying operation.
Enables lighter devices and operates with very low power, or no power at all.